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Assess your professional profile

⟶ Visit the She4Sea
digital profiling tool

⟶ Visit the She4Sea digital profiling tool

Assess your professional profile

She4Sea Profiling Tool

Welcome to the She4Sea Profiling Tool!

This questionnaire offers you a unique opportunity to explore maritime career options that you may not have previously considered. Sectoral and HR experts have been involved in the design phase, ensuring that the available information is up-to-date and corresponds to current market needs.

The She4Sea project focuses on three key sectors: maritime transport, fisheries and aquaculture, and water-based maritime tourism. Simply click on the sector that intrigues you the most, to uncover exciting paths for professional involvement and development.

Based on your responses regarding both your soft and hard skills, you will receive a personalized list of professions that align with your profile. This will empower you to further enhance your soft skills through the upcoming She4Sea dedicated training platform.

If you’re interested in exploring multiple professional sectors, feel free to take the questionnaire multiple times. Also, if you get inspired by the suggested career opportunities, do not restrict yourself to the provided information. We highly encourage you to conduct your own research and delve deeper into any job position that interests you.

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