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⟶ Visit the She4Sea
digital profiling tool

⟶ Visit the She4Sea digital profiling tool

Assess your professional profile

Towards an inclusive
maritime industry

The project

To build a resilient maritime sector, equipped to withstand and adapt to changing conditions and positively recover from shocks and stresses, such as climate hazards, geopolitical uncertainty, and technological change, coordinated actions and sectoral transformation are required. During this transitional phase, it is of high importance to adopt a fair and inclusive approach that “Leaves No One Behind”, with the aim of alleviating inequalities already existing in the sector.
In this context, the She4Sea project aims at promoting professional readiness and development of women wishing to pursue a career in maritime tourism, fisheries & aquaculture, and shipping. To this end, it fosters the acquisition of soft skills, grouped into the following three competence eras: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability. Being human-centred, these skills are suitable for women’s introduction and adaptation to smarter and greener maritime job positions as well as for de-gendering existing traditional notions.

Objectives and
target groups

She4Sea project aims to:

  • Equip unemployed women with the adequate skillset to enter into three maritime sectors: maritime tourism, fisheries & aquaculture, and shipping.
  • Equip women that are already active in the maritime industry with skills for pursuing actual managerial and leadership roles.
  • Provide VET trainers with training tools and methodologies tailored to women’s soft skills development.
  • Make maritime jobs and entrepreneurship attractive as a profitable career for women by de-gendering key skills and competences.

The primary target group is women (especially unemployed) wishing to pursue a career into the above-mentioned three marine-based sectors. Secondary target groups include training organisations and trainers in professional development and entrepreneurship in maritime industry jobs, organisations promoting women employability, entrepreneurship, and leadership, as well as employers in maritime industry.

Expected results

She4Sea will deliver:

  • An online training platform for unemployed women and VET trainers in EN and in partnership languages (Greek, Spanish and Bulgarian).
  • Integrated testing/piloting sessions for 90 women in Greece, Spain and Bulgaria.
  • A digital profiling tool for self-assessment. It will enable women to assess their skills that fall into the leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainability categories and, consequently, provide them with a personalized report on their competence profile.
  • A Competence Framework and Compendium that summarises research results providing updated data on the competence needs as well as on prevailing gender issues that hinder women’s professional development in the maritime sectors.

Through its targeted dissemination strategy, She4Sea will increase awareness and diffuse the project results in wider audience, beyond the project partnership countries.

15/12/2023 – 15/03/2025
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