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⟶ Visit the She4Sea
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⟶ Visit the She4Sea digital profiling tool

Assess your professional profile


Water-based Tourism

Exciting News! You have unlocked a list of professions tailored to your profile based on your responses. Click on each title of the below professions, to explore their detailed job requirements, including knowledge areas acquired through University or Vocational Training, a comprehensive list of soft and hard skills required, and relevant regulations.

Explore your chosen professions in detail and elevate your soft skills by enrolling in the specialized She4Sea training course, which will be available soon!  Feel free to also explore professions that may be less compatible with your profile – it’s all part of the lifelong learning journey. Congratulations on taking this exciting step towards your career exploration and development!

Please bear in mind that the above listed results draw from both the soft and hard skills you possess.



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